How To Become A Commissaire

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Are you interested in becoming a Commissaire?

Cycling Queensland (CQ) and Cycling Australia (CA) are committed to supporting and encouraging you in developing and contributing to our sport whether it be at a Club, State, National or International level. 

To become an accredited Official/Commissaire you will need to complete an education and training program to provide you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to officiate as a cycling Commissaire. Below is a brief outline of how you become a Commissaire. 

There are two components to the officiating programs:

  1. A rules and knowledge test. Candidates are supplied a manual and a workbook to complete and return to Cycling Queensland.
  2. A practical assessment. Once a candidate has passed the rules test, a qualified assessor is engaged by Cycling Queensland to assess you while officiating at an event to ensure they know the rules and can apply them appropriately in competition.


Levels of Officiating Accreditation (Step by Step)

National Level 1 Commissaire (Club)

A course specifically targeted at the official who desires to assist in the conduct of club racing. 

Step 1: Read the Program Manual (PDF) carefully and answer all the questions outlined in the Commissaire Workbook (True & False and Short Answer)

Step 2: Send the completed Commissaire Workbook (PDF) to Cycling Queensland via email or post

Step 3: On successful completion of the Commissaire Workbook, participants will be required to complete a short practical assessment component under the supervision of a CQ appointed assessor. Assessment Tool (PDF).

Each National Level 1 Commissaire is required to officiate at a minimum of five events per year to maintain their accreditation level. An eligible event is viewed as any event that does not appear on the state or national calendar of events. 


National Level 2 Commissaire (State)

A course for the official who assists club and state level calendar events. This course deals more with the technical aspects of each discipline. This course is conducted in conjunction with State Associations such as Cycling Queensland.

Step 1: Contact Cycling Queensland to express your interest in undertaking this course via email at

Each National Level 2 Commissaire must officiate at a minimum of six events per year to maintain your accreditation level. A minimum of three events must be on the state Calendar of Events. The remaining three events are the Commissaire's choosing.


National Level 3 Commissaire (National)

An advanced course for officials who want to officiate at national events and championships. The course in conducted in conjunction with National Championships and provides training and information on the finer points of officiating at the elite level. 

Step 1: Undertake your role as an active Level 2 Commissaire for at least two years

Step 2: Be nominated by Cycling Queensland to undertake this course

Each national Level 3 Commissaire must officiate at a minimum of six events per year to maintain their accreditation level. At least three of these events must be on the state Calendar of Events. A minimum of one national event that appears on the national calendar. the remaining two events are of the Commissaire's choosing.


Officiating courses are delivered under the guidelines of the national Accreditation Scheme (NAOS), and Australian Sports Commission (ASC) program, managed by the ASC's Coaching and Officiating Unit.